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How To Start A Photography Blog

Last update on: November 12, 2020

How To Start A Photography Blog

So, you are a photographer, and you want to start your own blog.

That is a brilliant idea.

These days when online exposure is becoming crucial for every career and business, a blog is what you want to showcase your photographic talent to the world. Whether you are into wildlife photography or fashion photography, a blog would be your exclusive space to publish your works, exhibit your talent, share your techniques with the world, and announce your upcoming projects.

But, how to open a photography blog? This is where most of the photographers get confused. Due to the lack of knowledge in creating and running blogs, many photographers put a step backward from their dreams of becoming a blogger.

Frankly speaking, starting a blog involves no complications at all. On the web, you will come across well-proven photography blog ideas to kickstart your own photography blog.
So let’s dive in. The following are a step-by-step guideline to start a photography blog.

Pick A Niche

The first step of how to start your own photography blog is all about selecting your niche. Since you have already decided to start a blog in photography, the first step is done. But, you have to decide what kind of photography blog you want. If you are planning to blog about random things and topics to make money, that would be a disaster. Instead of being the jack of all trades, concentrate on the particular genre of photography to come out with dashing topics.

If you are into portrait photography, you can showcase your talent and techniques through your blog posts. If you are into wildlife and nature photography, you can choose your blog topics accordingly.

Decide On Topics

When your mind is all set on the niche, then deciding on topics would become a piece of cake. It can vary from what you are up to at present, the projects you have accomplished, to the titbits, techniques you flow to sharpen your excellence in photography. A blog is not just to write down your job, daily work, or work in progress, it is also about sharing your thoughts, and ideas with the world. keeping this thing in your head, you can dig out any topic to blog about, you know better than any other photographer.

Focus on, what you are specialized in photography, what you like to talk about the most, or what are the things you feel comfortable talking about. Both the newbies and experienced bloggers should pen down the topic first. Last, of all, the topic must be relevant to your blog niche.

Decide On The Blogging Platform

Planting the right decision over choosing the perfect blogging platform is the best way to start a photography blog. Several blogging platforms like WordPress, Wix, Gator, Tumblr, etc., are out there, each offering their unique specialties and advantages. WordPress is popular, but it may not always go hand in hand with your blogging requirements. Read online reviews on the different blogging platforms, heck out their functionalities, facilities they offer, before you dive in.
Settle On a Domain Name
Choosing a catchy domain name is not a hard nut to crack. You need to remember a few things while settling on a domain name.
The name you choose for your blog should be catchy, relevant to your niche, easy to remember, potent enough to excel your brand.
That’s it.
Keep these things in your mind and dig out a dashing name for your blog. Prefer a shorter and .com domain name over the others. They tend to rank good in search engines.

Choose A Web Host

Now, it is time to pick out web hosting for your blog. Several hosting service providers are out there. Web hosting will help you to build your blog. It will serve as a foundation. Web hosting is a service available online 24*7, storing your future blog images, blog design, etc. Bluehost, HostGator, WebGuru, DreamHost, hosting, etc. are among the most popular web hosting services across the globe.

Designing Your Blog

While talking about online presence, one thing is clear: the first impression determines the success of your blog. In that case, blog designing is a serious aspect. A stunning blog attracts and engages visitors, while a lackluster blog will find it difficult to stay in the competition. Brilliant photography blog ideas are out there on the web. You can check out them before you design your own blog. There is another way open: hire a professional web designer. A web designing professional knows the technique and style to develop a lucrative photography blog.

Curate Content For Your Blog

This is the stage when the real game begins, content curation for your blog.
Before creating content, you should plan how to do it. Content Planners are there to help you out. With having the best content planner, you can create your first perfect blog content without any difficulty. Create the outline of your content first, then dig deeper.
Before proceeding any further, do not forget to research your topic on the web. Remember, you are not here to tell stories, but share information in a storytelling manner. the best way to do so is to imagine your audience sitting next to you while weaving your words. Besides keeping your tone engaging you can also put Youtube videos in your content. This will make your blog post more captivating and compelling to your readers.

Moreover, it is not necessary that since you have chosen a smashing topic for your photography blog, and created quality content around the topic, it will rank good in search engines for sure. In the case of SEO ranking, quality content is something that follows the SEO algorithm. So, first, go through SEO copywriting guidelines and then curate your content.

Best of luck with your dreams of blogging!