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COVID-19 – The Life Around Corona – Say Yes I am #QuarantineCreative

Last update on: April 17, 2020

The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)” declared as pandemic disease has stalled human life. We all know how this is spreading and affecting the life.

But Do you know?

Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment.

What is new to us?

This new virus is not that simple. This causes respiratory illness (like the flu) with symptoms such as a cough, fever, and in more severe cases, difficulty breathing.

Corona Symptoms



Friends, by now we know this facts. My purpose is not only to give you all a “friendly reminder” but be by your side (of course virtually) and find out some ways to keep ourselves engaged.

Let’s explore our skills

01 – Learn Digital Drawings/Paintings

Most of us learn drawings/paintings in our childhood but how many of us do use this to stress free ourselves from hectic work schedule? So why don’t you try some sketches and re brush up your hidden skills?

Visit here for more illustration. In this quarantine time if you want to learn illustration for FREE at your home you can contact us

02 – Learn Photography

Nowadays, we all take photos mostly using our phones. But did you really get time in your busy schedule to watch the beautiful sunrise or sunset in your everyday life?

If you have not done yet go to your terrace or balcony and take a beautiful picture of sunrise or sunset and upload at instagram with Yes, I am #QuarantineCreative

Visit here to learn about photography. In this quarantine, if you want to learn photography for FREE at your home you can contact us at facebook or Instagram or mail us at hello@bisakhadatta.com

Want to improve your image post-processing/postproc for quality-improvement. For those who are interested to know about this or those who are amateur photographer here are a few links.
Convert any of your normal picture to art picture like this


Click here to check some tutorials also.

If you want to improve your composition skill about photography, you can visit here or you can buy this book. Still have some doubt? Don’t hesitate to contact us for Scheduling one to one Free Consultation about it.

03 – Be Healthy Be Happy

Be healthy, be happyMore or less we all are health conscious. We do go to yoga, gym or pilates studio and do workouts. But All these now have stopped. But you DON’T. Your aim should be “Be Healthy Be Happy”. So why don’t you take part in PLANK challenge!!! Post your photo with number of minutes you have done Plank and challenge your Friend as well.
Practise mindfulness, do pranayam. Anulom Vilom, Kapalbhati, Ujjayi Breathing can help you to fight with corona.

04 – Gardening

GardeningNature is our best friend. Why don’t you try your hands in gardening? No worries I’m not telling you to go out and get hold of some plants! But if you are really interested you can start by whatever minimal things you have at home like “dry chillies”, “tomatoes” and so on. Take a ripe tomato and put it in soil and in no time you will see some saplings coming out.

It will add “Joy To Your Quarantine Life

05 – Try out some new recipes

RecipesYou can also try out some new recipes which you thought will do when get some time. Now is the time. Utilize it to the fullest. Make new dishes and surprise your dear ones.

This will be one of the best gift to your dear ones in this Quarantine.

06 – Write Something

WritingYou can pen down some memorable travel story or some romantic poem etc.

07 – Spend quality time with your family

Families are utmost importance to us. We do all hardships for our families which consist of our near and dear ones. Spend quality time with them. In this “Rat race” we hardly get time to mingle with them. We are always ready with excuses “Office work”, “Meetings” and so on…

I’m not again telling you to ignore your priorities but since you are now doing your “work” from “home” you easily can make out some time for them and make it memorable.

Everything has both its positive and negative sides. This situation is not an exception to this rule. Out of every negativity we have to find out the positive side and live our life. Things will be in control some day. We will be back to our normal lives in near future. However the mark this virus has kept in our lives will be remembered life long. Now it depends on you how you like to remember. Do you want to remember as a “nightmare”? or through this tough situation you want to create some beautiful memories as much as possible and store it for life long. It is in your hand!

Living a quarantine life is very easy if you are busy! Busy doesn’t mean you have to step out of house. Busy means making good use of this time and utilize it in brushing up your skills or discover something which is not yet discovered. Busy means stay tuned with your family and make wonderful memories!

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