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Money saving tip when travel at Kenya

Last update on: July 18, 2020

Scrolling over on Instagram and you see that one of your friends has been trotting Kenya. You wondered how can he traveled all the way, and that in a budget too.

Given in these circumstances, where you have to make your travel planning in economical means, especially when you are visiting Kenya.

In this particular article, we will help your wallet fat by providing some travel tips when you are about to visit Kenya.

Engage your brain when looking for deals

It is time to engage your grey matter when you are looking for deals in hotels and restaurants in Kenya. You can follow several websites and travel agencies and compare the deals and choose the one that suits you.

Be flexible

When you are planning your travel in Kenya, be flexible with it, as there are several deals that are offered by several travel agencies. Plan something cheaper by considering the fact that you are no less enjoying than the others.

Avoid peak season

When you are traveling to Kenya, make sure that you are ready to avoid the peak season, the consequences of avoiding it will keep your wallet healthy so that you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Kenya with a fat wallet.

Flexible with your accommodation options

Avoid 5-star hotels and exquisite places, instead of that, you can accommodate a cheap hotel in Kenya, which will not cost you an arm and a leg. Travel planning should be like this if you want to travel for a long time and that with a healthy wallet too.

Try delicious street food in Kenya

When you are in Kenya, one thing is confirming, that is you will not starve. There are lots of street food available in Kenya, which will help you to save your bucks eating in a restaurant. This way, your hard-earned money can be saved.

Travel indirectly or choose the cheaper option

If you choose a direct flight, then it will be expensive. Instead of that, do break journey by train or bus to go around in Kenya, it will end up saving your money.

Look for tour packages and special offers

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Also, you can pay as installment for 1 year

Plan your itinerary in advance
See your budget-friendly itinerary. Flexible travel date, so you can get an offer from flight