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How photography can contribute to self improvement?

Last update on: July 21, 2019

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” – Bruce Lee

To be a good human being it is utmost important, to be honest to yourself, have faith in yourself and be yourself. Following your passion always improves your personality. In other words, it helps in self-improvement. Photography is one such passion which improves the person in you. For instance, it is not only about how beautiful a picture you take but how beautiful frame your mind can find. In the long run, a good photographer is no the one who excels in framing the picture but one who frames her/himself best.
Listed below are 20 such personality traits which gets improved along with the photography skills.


The utmost necessary personality trait in a good photographer is her/her observation power. As a result the more observant you are the more details you capture.


I used to be a very shy person. So when I decided on following my passion as my profession people were apprehensive. They thought how a shy girl like me will succeed in such a vocal profession. With time I understood the best way to get the desired photographs is how good you communicate with your subject. Now I can make the cheetahs of Maasai Mara National Reserve to pose for me.

Nature Loving

Love for nature comes from within. A good photographer develops an eye to see the surroundings in a way no one can. So be it her fury or blessings nature is the best subject a photographer can get.

Positive mindset

See good to get the good. Photography transforms lives, not only of the subject but of the photographer her/himself. You can get the best out of the frame only when seeing the best through you lens.

More technical

As technology develops camera and paraphernalia are becoming more and more user friendly. DSLR cameras are common place now. However, every person who is handling a DSLR is a good photographer. Good photography requires not only instincts but also the knowledge of what you are using and editing too. One needs to go in-depth with the technicalities of the camera and working knowledge of editing software like Photoshop.


This point follows the more technicality point. The more you gather knowledge about the photography the more resources you will have in your hand to try something different, something unique. A good photographer fortifies himself with better understanding.


Traveling as a photographer is not only traveling for vacation but to have an eye for every detail around while you roam. Traveling can be next door or to as far away place. It is what you around as a photographer when you travel.


When we teach other about photography we learn more as a photographer. As a result the more we teach the more we gain awareness about the detail. Thus good photography helps in self improvement of the photographer as a teacher.


Now-a-days we find so many photographers maintaining personal blogs on tricks and tips about photography. Others are writing books or simply maintaining journals. Whichever way they resort to the need to store and share what you know about photography is making them writers within their own capabilities.

Motivational Speaker

Therapeutic photography has acted as a miracle to many in healing them from anxiety, depression and other mental anomalies. A good photographer becomes a motivational speaker on sharing how photography helps her/him to forget about the mundane life and find a whole new world.

Increase concentration

Sometimes a good shot requires a lifetime. So one who aims at becoming a successful photographer need to be patient. Wildlife photographers perhaps have the most of it. One single shot may become a masterpiece, but behind it lies hours and hours of lying down at a hidden location and waiting for that best one.


Passion for photography makes you brave. I went for a solo trip to Kenya for my love of wildlife photography. Passion for photography taught me to be brave enough to try out a solo adventure.

Know yourself

Following ones passion always reveals the “I” part hidden within us. Photography is one such passion. I started my career as a graphic designer; however, it is the love for photography which made me understand who I am.

Role model

When I started off as a photographer there were not many women who were following this profession. But down the years things changed a lot. I see so many young talents, both girls and boys equally, coming to me asking for advice or classes to learn photography. I enjoy the role model status which I treasure the most.

Enjoy Yourself

One can only succeed when one enjoys in what they do. Make your passion your profession and you enjoy what you do to the core. Things never become mundane.

Creative Thinker

A good photographer transforms a simple subject to something extraordinary. That is creative thinking. One needs to think beyond the box to get that perfect shot from humble things around.


For good photography traveling is not enough, a good photographer explores. She/he tries to learn new things from the surroundings itself.

Make life better for others

Photography is not only about self improvement. A simple frame means a lot to the ones who value the same. In this way a good photographer becomes a part of the life of many in a noble way.


Photography teaches us many things. As already discussed to get a good one needs to communicate with the subject, be it people, nature, bird or wild animal. The experience is not always an easy or pleasant one. At one time even good photographers are at the verge of giving up but then we remember it’s all about patience. If we are patient enough that perfect shot will always be our final destination.


Good photography changes the perspective at which we see our life. For example, with nature photography, one may feel the joy of every single moment in their life. Every second of our life becomes valuable. You will realize how trivial our problems are compared to the vastness of the universe. As a result it contributes to one’s self-improvement at the spiritual level.