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The process to Convert any normal picture to Art Photography

Last update on: June 27, 2019

Step -1

This is the original picture

Step 2

Duplicate the layer. Press Ctrl+J or right click on the desired layer and select Duplicate Layer

Step 3

Go to Adjustment Layer and go to the Channel Mixer

Adjustment layer

Step 4

Again Duplicate the layer

Step 5

Select Lasso tool

Step 6

Select unwanted portion and press Shift+F5 or go to Edit ยป Content-Aware Fill

Step 7

Select the clone stamp tool. Now position over the picture where you want to clone (press Alt+Click) and apply. See the video

Step 8

Now select the rope and press Shift+F5 to remove it.

And voila you got your Art Photography

Step 9

Now make some light adjustment with the help of Level

Step 10

This is the final image

Tutorial of Convert any normal picture to Art Photography

Check Before and After