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Lake Naivasha

Last update on: August 25, 2019

The topmost point of the Great Rift Valley is a heaven for bird lovers. Known by the name Lake Naivasha, this amazing water body is known to shrink extremely during a severe drought. The quality and the level of water are highly impacted by the floriculture industry that has shaped up throughout this area. Lake Naivasha Kenya is the motherland of 400+ bird species, including the African fish eagles. And the best process to enjoy wildlife is by sailing in the lake on a boat. You can also spot some colobus monkeys.

The nearby attractions of Lake Naivasha include

Crater Lake Game Sanctuary- is a green soda lake, It is located 10 kilometers away from Naivasha town and 90 km from Nairobi. The lake attracts many flamingoes, and the forests and plains have plenty of games like birds, giraffes, buffaloes, and zebras.

Hell’s Gate National Park- Two extinct volcanoes find their place in the Hell’s Gate National Park. The park has three campsites and also has a Maasai cultural center to educate about the Maassai tribe’s traditions and cultures.

OlKaria- This place is located in the south part of Lake Naivasha. It is popular for the geothermal spa which offers therapeutic swimming with its blue lagoons with naturally heated water. The temperature is ranging from 30 to 40-degree centigrade.

Crescent Island: The deepest is around Naivasha is Crescent Island. It has approximately 30 m of depth. You will enjoy nature work and wildlife views like dikdik, Zebra, Steenbok, impala, and gazelles.

Naivasha is a busy little town with a varied multi-ethnic population. It’s home to many migrant workers who come to work at the Lake Naivasha.

You may avail a train from Nairobi which takes approximately 4 hours to visit Naivasha or you may avail a bus from Nakuru which will take approximately one hour.  August to October is the best time to visit Naivasha.