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Top 10 things to do at Maasai Mara – Bisakha Datta Photography

Last update on: May 20, 2019

Maasai Mara, these two words are enough to evoke the senses and prepare a bucket of wishes and unfulfilled fantasies. The wildland of Maasai Mara is a magnificent, game-filled and a vast landscape that is popularized by fearless explorers, top-ranked celebrities, royal families, award-winning, and wildlife photographers. If you haven’t witnessed the wilderness of this land it’s time to do it now and here are 10 adventure activities to do in Maasai Mara.

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  1. Hot air balloon ride-

    Hot air balloon ride Kenya

    the most incredible way to witness the beauty of this vast ecosystem is going for a hot air balloon safari over the beautiful land.

  2. Jungle safari-

    Jungle safari Maasai Mara

    This is the main event of your Masai Mara tour which will take you inside the wild jungles in search of the iconic animals.

  3. The Wildebeest migration-

    The Wildebeest Migration The Wildebeest Migration

    This great event seems to be an annual event of Kenya where more than a million of wildebeest, gazelle, and zebra migrate to Masai Mara from Tanzania in a continuous mode amidst the rain and lush grass.

  4. Governors Private Camp luxury stay-

    Private Camp

    For a very comfortable and private visit to this place check for accommodation option at the Governors private Camp.

  5. Spend a day with the Masai people-

    Masai people

    While on your trip, you can pay a visit to the Masai community and have a taste of their culture.

    Know more about Maasai people

    Kenya- Maasai Mara Highlights
  6. A documentary on the Masai river-

    Mara river Maasai mara

    Want to meet the world famous Nile crocodiles? You will find them in the Masai river. Take out your camera here and shoot a breathtaking documentary on the annual wildebeest passing.

    Learn the art of documentary and landscape photography!

  7. On foot safaris-

    On foot safaris

    enjoy an early morning on foot Masai Mara safari under the guidance of a trained guide.

  8. Bird watching-

    Bird watching Kenya Africa

    The great land of Masai Mara is a paradise for bird watchers. Near about 470 birds resides here along with 46 birds of prey.

  9. Relax in Mfangano Island-

    The best way to relax after the exciting safari at Masai Mara is by visiting the Mfangano Island on Lake Victoria.

  10. Explore the Loldia House-

    Check-in for comfortable accommodation and witness the hippos grazing at the lawn. Begin your adventure to the savanna thereafter.